The Lake Mary Mohicans Lacrosse Club is a Boys Lacrosse Program, located in Lake Mary, FL. We welcome all players, regardless of experience (beginners through experienced) in grades 1 through 8, from any school. Our practices are held in the Lake Mary/S

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The mission of the Mohicans Lacrosse Club is to promote, develop and further expand participation in the game of lacrosse in the Lake Mary community.

The program will emphasize proper lacrosse fundamentals and a comprehensive knowledge of the game, adhering to the 'best practices' of the top high school programs in the country. 

The Club was initially formed by local parents interested in promoting boys lacrosse at both youth and high school levels and the current intent remains the same.  

The coaching staff of our Youth Mohicans (grades 1-8) will provide playing time for all players -- both in practice and games -- allowing each and every player to reach his maximum potential.

The Mohicans Lacrosse Club will aim to provide our youth players with the best coaching available. These coaches will stress: 

  • Mastery of lacrosse fundamentals. 'Do it the right way -- EVERY TIME!'. 

  • Teamwork -- 'Move the ball, move your feet'. 

  • Consistently winning the 'ground ball battle'.

  • Constant communication on the field. 

  • Establishing a winning tradition by cultivating a 'team mindset'. We will not, however, compromise our mission of  developing youth players in the interest of short-term success. 

  • Developing great lacrosse players, but more importantly, producing great teammates.