The Lake Mary Mohicans Lacrosse Club is a Boys Lacrosse Program, located in Lake Mary, FL. We welcome all players, regardless of experience (beginners through experienced) in grades 1 through 8, from any school. Our practices are held in the Lake Mary/S

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July 30, 2017

Dear Current and Potential Mohicans Parents:

We are looking forward to another successful year of lacrosse. 

The club continues to head in an exciting direction, making great strides to establish Lake Mary as a premier lacrosse program regionally and beyond! 

Please see below for information on our current initiatives and plans, including:

  • Program Goals
  • Sponsorships
  • Season Logistics

Program Goals

The Mohicans program has earned an excellent reputation locally for coach, player and parent sportsmanship.  The club is also recognized for employing experienced coaches who develop talented players and encourage teamwork.

We aim to maintain that perception and expand it beyond the Central Florida region!  To achieve this goal, we’ll have three main areas of focus:

  • Provide coach development & consistency for all age groups
  • Stimulate player development at all ability levels
  • Expand participation

Coaching:   Our youth program periodically has the opportunity to leverage the knowledge and talents of the Lake Mary High School coaching staff and players.  We have professional, lacrosse-experienced and several parent head coaches who work to build a consistent approach, philosophy, and terminology into practices run at every age group.  Parent volunteers are always needed to serve as assistant coaches, supplementing our professional coaching staff.  The program has benefited greatly from this broader participation. We welcome coaching and/or practice help from any new or returning parents, regardless of lacrosse experience.  We will teach you what you need to know.  If you might consider helping, even if you are only available periodically, please attend the coach training sessions so that we can build the Mohicans’ lacrosse IQ and coaching consistency from the youngest to oldest divisions.

Player Development:  We work to build up our newest beginner players and boost our top talent.  Players are also expected to work on their own to build their individual skills, because not everything can be achieved in practice.  Everyone – parents, players, and coaches - has a role to play in furthering our players’ capabilities and character development. 

Participation:  We will continue to seek opportunities to expand access to the sport of lacrosse.  We welcome multi-sport athletes, as lacrosse is a great complement to many other sports.  


As a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization, all registration fees go to cover our administrative costs, field rentals, insurance, league fees, coaching, supplies, and more.  We continue working to develop a robust sponsorship program as one piece of this. 

Local businesses have the opportunity to be a Mohicans Lacrosse Club sponsor and select from options such as a featured link on our website to signage at events, logos on club gear, and more. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.  These efforts go towards keeping our costs reasonable. 

Season Logistics

Parent Communication:  We generally use email and text to share updates and information, as well as our website.  We have a Facebook page where you can post photos and swap comments.  All of these can also be accessed from our website’s home page.  You can update your account profile at any time from Edit My Account on our home page.

When you have a general question for a coach or need to note a player absence from a practice or game, we ask parents to communicate through your team manager.  You are also welcome to email the board at any time.  The club has a standing policy (outlined in our club handbook) of having a parent wait 24 hours after a game before addressing a specific concern to a coach.  This goes a long way towards giving everyone a cooling off period.  We also have a policy of not berating the referees or other team’s parents and coaches.  Concerns should be voiced through your team parent, coach, or board member. 

Through the online registration system, you have agreed to the player code of conduct and parent expectations.  These are available for review on our website at any time.  Thank you in advance for adhering to these guidelines, as they were developed and implemented to insure that the Mohicans maintain a solid reputation.  We strive to teach our players about character, as well as about sport.

Volunteer Roles:  Thank you to those who have already offered to play a role this season!  No lacrosse experience is necessary to help.  The club needs significant assistance if we are to meet the objectives outlined in this letter.  Historically, implementation of new initiatives has not been from lack of desire, but rather from lack of volunteers to support these efforts.  

Equipment Guide:  All players will need to bring the following equipment to all practices and games: 

  • Lacrosse stick
  • Lacrosse helmet
  • Shoulder pads/chest protector
  • Elbow pads
  • Gloves
  • Mouth guard
  • Cup
  • Cleats
  • Large water jug 

  All players must bring their own water to each practice and game. 

Merchandise & Uniforms:  To be determined on a season to season basis

Inclement Weather Policy:  Lacrosse is played in the rain, unless the fields are closed by the owners or the conditions are extreme.  If the forecast calls for rain or the skies look ominous, parents should stay at or nearby the fields during practice, as it is difficult to reach everyone if practice is called off while in process.  Weather updates will be shared via email and text.  Please enable text messaging and make sure our email is not going to your spam.    . 

Go Mohicans!